The Swipe Team

Bronwyn Claudette Lunderstedt

Bronwyn Lunderstedt

With a background firmly set within the beauty and fashion industry, Bronwyn stepped back to help businesses grow online. Following a passion for marketing, social media offered a unique incentive allowing the smallest solopreneur an avenue to become a big fish in a big pond. A proud single mum of four, Bronwyn has stepped up to make a significant difference in compelling storytelling, speaking and education. Featuring a top 30 business radio show about marketing and business, this feisty author and speaker is set to change your business brands presence online.

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Cerome Struwig

A badass queen mama, Cerome left the retail world to focus on her marketing skillset. Social media offered a perfect opportunity to dive into small businesses and help develop and implement strategies that have grown their sales and leads. A proud mum of one, Cerome saw the growing influence that social media has on individuals and proactively began her career in social media marketing. Cerome drives passion through compelling content that engages and educates. This true leader is fast becoming the key driving influencer through education, speaking and business development using social media marketing.

Cerome Struwig

Chanelle Mattison

Swipe Collective struck gold with Chanelle! Coming from a strong background in business development, Chanelle has had many years of experience educating and strategically increasing business portfolios with thriving profits. Chanelle's expertise is growing business with targeted PR campaigns, targeted marketing campaigns and advanced digital portfolios.