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Draft Template

Create social media post in less than 5 minutes.


Choose your Draft Template, add your images, attach captions and press post!

Easy to use, customizable, copy and paste templates ready for you to post today.


Make your content stand out with relevant hashtags chosen from our library.

Choose hashtags for your target market, keywords for influencing and stand out hashtags to promote your brand and business.

Marketing Plan

Propel your social media marketing, knowing that you're using the most effective and proven marketing strategies.

Working with content specific to your industry, to step by step plans and a strong team behind you to help you along the way. 

Caption Templates

Take the struggle away with our customizable caption templates. 


Engaging captions designed to grow your brand. Simply fill in the blanks, add your magic touch and you have ready to go content for your social media.


Quotes designed to motivate, inspire and grow your online presence.


Monthly Planner

A month of planned content including special dates, holidays, best times to start marketing for upcoming events and more.


Cover Images

Regularly revamp your pages with cover images showcasing your brand through each month of the year.



Take your presence to the next level with social media ready templates.


Struggling with your social media, join us on our weekly LIVE video calls to ask away and learn more about how to make the most of your social media.

Bronwyn Lunderstedt


We are a team of female hustlers, mums with passion and a badass queen attitude to drive you to success. Swipe Collective is about dedication and we want to educate you on how to make the most of social media marketing in your business to build your business using social media marketing one swipe at a time!

Cerome Struwig


"Only the Best!"

Rosemary - Health and Wellness

"I absolutely love the and appreciate ALL the work that you've done for me!! Really professional and high standards! You're Brilliant with your work!"

Svetlana - Health and Wellness

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